Kraft Paper Bags

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  • Materials: Art Paper, Kraft Paper, CCNB, C1S, C2S, Silver or Gold Paper, Fancy Paper etc...and as per customer request.
  • Dimension: All Custom Sizes & Shapes
  • Print: CMYK, PMS, Silk screen printing,No Printing
  • Surface feature: Glossy and matte lamination, hot stamping, flock printing, creasing, calendaring,foil-stamping, crushing, varnishing, embossing, etc.
  • Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation, etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
  • Shipping port: Qingdao/Shanghai
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    Kraft paper usually maintains its yellowish-brown color and high strength. Kraft paper is widely used in various packaging, such as paper bags, shopping bags, color boxes, gift boxes and printing. Kraft paper can use flexo, gravure, offset, and screen printing processes. As long as you are proficient in the essentials of printing technology,, reasonably select and deploy inks, and control equipment parameters, you can get the best quality results. Due to the special structure, it has better processing properties such as embossing, die cutting and die engraving.

    Kraft Paper Bag (1)

    High Quality Customized Design Handle Kraft Paper Shopping Bag 

    Kraft Paper Bag (6)

    Kraft Paper Gift Bag with Twist Handle or Flat Handle

    Kraft Paper Bag (5)

    Luxury Kraft Paper Shopping Bag with Rope Handle

    If you often go shopping, you will find that kraft paper bags are widely used in everywhere. For example, the clothing stores and shoe stores we often go to are the most common places to use kraft paper packaging bags. Kraft paper bags are also used in fast food restaurants and beverage shops. Compared with plastic bags, the cost of kraft paper bags is higher. Why are so many people willing to use kraft paper bags? One of the reasons is that more companies now attach importance to environmental protection and regard environmental protection as a part of their company culture. So they choose more environment friendly and renewable paper bags instead of plastic bags.

    At present, there are still some people in the market who have different opinions on whether kraft paper is environmentally friendly or not. Generally speaking, the people who think kraft paper packaging is not environmentally friendly mainly focus on the manufacturing process of kraft paper and the selection of raw materials. They believe that paper packaging pulp is obtained by cutting down trees, causing damage to the ecological environment. The other is that a large amount of sewage will be discharged in the process of paper production, causing water pollution.

    In fact, some of these views are one-sided and backward. Now the big brand kraft paper manufacturers generally adopt the integrated production of Forest Pulp, that is, through scientific management, the trees cut down in the forest area will be planted to ensure that their ecology will not be destructively affected and take the road of sustainable development. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the waste water produced in the production process of kraft paper needs to be treated to meet the national discharge standard before it is allowed to be discharged.

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    How do I get a personalized price quote?

    You can get a price quote by:
    Visit our Contact us page or submit a quote request on any product page
    Chat online with our sales support
    Call Us
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    For most requests, a price quote is typically emailed within 2-4 working hours. A complex project may take 24 hours. Our sales support team will keep you updated during the quoting process.

    Does Xintianda charge a setup or design fees like some of the others do?

    No. We do not charge a setup or plate fees regardless of the size of your order. We also do not charge any design fees.

    How do I upload my artwork?

    You can email your artwork directly to our sales support team or you can send it via our Request Quote page at the bottom. We will coordinate with our design team to conduct a free artwork evaluation and suggest any technical changes that may improve the quality of the final product.

    What steps are involved in the process of custom orders?

    The process of getting your custom orders consists of the following stages:
    1.Project & Design Consultation
    2.Quote Preparation & Approval
    3.Artwork Creation & Evaluation
    4.Sampling (upon request)
    Our sales support manager will help guide you through these steps. For more information, please contact our sales support team.


    Can I get samples before the bulk order?

    Yes, custom samples are available upon request. You can request hard copy samples of your own product for a low sample fee. Alternatively, you can also request a free sample of our past projects.

    How long does it take to produce custom orders?

    Orders for hard copy samples can take 7-10 business days to produce depending on the complexity of the project.  Bulk orders are normally produced within 10-14 business days after the final artwork and order specifications have been approved.   Please note that these timelines are approximate and can vary depending on the complexity of your particular project and the workload on our production facilities. Our sales support team will discuss the production timelines with you during the ordering process.

    How long does it take for delivery ?

    It depends on the shipping way you select.  Our sales support team will be in touch with regular updates on the status of your project during the production and shipping process.

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