Appreciation of excellent packaging design

Packaging design itself is a cheap marketing. Packaging design is a recent media carrier for a customer. Customer experience is very important. There are many factors to be considered in the design of packaging. We should not only consider its beauty, but also consider the sales scene and audience. Now we should also consider some subtle differences between online product packaging and offline experience, as well as the continuity of product series, brand continuity, product positioning, marketing strategy, etc.

Some customers have reported that many designers' packaging design schemes are very dazzling, but once applied to production itself, they can't. Because there are still many differences between packaging design and graphic design. In the process of packaging realization, materials, processes and combination methods will affect the formation of a good work, which is the key point to pay attention to when doing packaging design. Let's take a look at the case study of excellent packaging design!

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1.Ingenious creative packaging design

The so-called flattery is to make these packaging elements achieve a clever combination without increasing the cost of packaging, or through ingenious arrangements, so as to obtain an unexpected effect. The packaging design creativity here is often in the image, product name, packaging structure and form.

The packaging design of scanwood wooden tableware is very flattering. A simple image makes the product vivid and just combines the functional characteristics of the product, so it is a very successful packaging case.

2. Packaging design of great creativity

The creative point of this kind of packaging design is often a big idea or a strong innovative style. In other words, to achieve a breakthrough material or shape, so as to obtain an excellent product packaging.
If you are not careful, you will think it is a beer packaging, but in fact it is a rice product. It is a rice packaged in a pop can, called "ten day rice jar", a product of CTC company in Japan. "Ten day rice jar" is positioned as food in case of emergency. It is the size of an ordinary pop can, 300 grams per can. After strict sealed packaging, it is resistant to rice insects and free from washing. The rice inside can be kept for 5 years! It is filled with high-pressure gas, which can withstand the long-term immersion of seawater and float on the water surface. At the same time, it has a certain strength, and can withstand external force without depression and rupture.

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3.Creative packaging brought by geometry

Geometric shape is easy to achieve a high sense of design, and through this sense of design to achieve a modern and interesting packaging design experience. This design thinking is widely used in the design field, including many highly modern architectural designs. In the final analysis, it is a kind of thinking. It uses design thinking to design the shape of packaging and products, and through color design matching, Achieve an ideal feeling of creative packaging products.

This is a highly creative high beauty wine packaging, "Koi" Japanese sake packaging design, from bullet Inc design studio. This packaging design is very successful both in form and color matching.

Generally speaking, packaging design has certain rules to follow, but it can not be designed creatively according to the rules. The packaging of each product should follow the value of the product itself, so as to enlarge the value point of the product, which is what we usually call the selling point. Only by designing the packaging and creativity, can we increase the original value of the commodity and promote sales.

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Post time: Sep-07-2021