Let Creative Packaging Designs to Tell Stories of Your Products!

Creative great ideas are everywhere, and it seems to be more prominent in packaging industry. Different materials, construction and printings combined together to get innumerable funny and lovely ideas.

No matter you need the bath ball or not, you would be attracted to the shelves of Marilyn Monroe. Base balls and proper boxes designs work together to get a beautiful perfect showing cases. What a fantastic idea!

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And then bags of water! Using biodegradable PLA bags to replace traditional package container of liquids like water, juice or tomato sauce etc. With full name of polylactice acid, PLA is made from corns and tapioca; it’s one of the most popular ECO friendly materials in the world. It’s broadly used in medical, packaging and fibers industry.


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And PLA films to protect fruits.

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As a Pizza shop, do you have an idea hope to tell customers that you are 24 hours on line? Here is a great slogan “PIZZA TIME IS ANY TIME”. In the meantime of tasting delicious Pizza, trust you will be impressed by this lovely box.

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And where is needs, there is market! Will you still forget to take medicines if they were put on walls or refrigerators? The pills packaging is designed into note stickers, and you could even write there

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Did you ever see a condiments can is dressing apron? Imagine how lovely it is to cook when all spices are wearing the same to help? Trust you can’t stop to take them into baskets

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And this design, shoe box turns into shelf. The boxes could work perfectly to display shoes and in the same time to save space. Of course, you customers might have same problems as youJ. Who dont want to get 2 by spending 1?  

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And to prevent products from damage during rough handling, designer Vanmoof got an idea to protect bicycles by designing the outer packaging box printing to be a digital screen. It turns out to be a great success eventually

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The world is not lacking in creation, but ways to achieve it. Let us know your requests; Xintianda Packaging will work together with you to bring things come true.

Remember we are not only an OEM manufacturer of display cards and tags, boxes, handbags, pouches; we are your problems terminator!

Post time: Jul-27-2021