Trend analysis of packaging design in 2021

Trend analysis of packaging design in 2021simg (6)

Since 2020, due to the repeated epidemic situation, when online shopping becomes more important to our daily life than before, branded goods have experienced great challenges. Because goods have to meet consumers at home rather than in stores, smart brands use different ways to build emotional connections with customers.

This has a direct impact on the trend forecast of packaging design in 2021. As packages and packaging become the only physical contact point of customers outside the product itself, the brand has raised the standard, and we begin to see that packaging design itself is a work of art from simplicity and commerce.

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Now, we’d like to share with you five packaging design trends to help the brand create an unforgettable brand experience in 2021.

1. Color block of organic shape
The color patches in the packaging have been around for some time. But in 2021, we will see new textures, unique color combinations, and different weighted shapes bring a softer, more natural feel to this trend.

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Instead of straight lines or color boxes, these designs prefer to use uneven shapes, smooth lines, and sometimes even look like tiny patterns extracted directly from nature. Many of us are locked up indoors for most of the year, so it’s not surprising that these softer, organic and natural elements can be found in the graphic design trend of 2021.

Although these designs may seem casual at first, this careful combination of complementary elements creates a harmonious pattern in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

2. Perfect symmetry
When it comes to pleasing the eye, what can better meet the aesthetic needs than the perfect symmetrical pattern?

Different from the imperfect and organic modeling in color matching design, we hope to see some designers and brands develop in the opposite direction, rather than creating packaging that utilizes precision and computational symmetry. Whether it’s small and complex illustrations, or larger, looser, more incoherent patterns, these designs use balance to create visual satisfaction.

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While organic color blocks evoke a sense of calm, these designs appeal to our need for order and stability – both of which provide some much-needed emotions for the chaos of 2021.

3.Packaging integrated with art
This design trend captures the main theme of this year and applies it literally. From realistic portraits to abstract paintings, packaging in 2021 draws inspiration from the art movement – either integrating them into design elements or taking them as the focus of improving the overall unpacking experience.


The aim here is to create the illusion of surface change and depth, simulating the texture you will find on the newly painted canvas. That’s why the packaging effect of this design trend on physical products is so good.

4.The tiny pattern can reveal the things inside
Packaging design is more than decoration. In 2021, designers are expected to use illustrations or patterns to suggest what consumers will find inside.

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These designs are not photography or realistic pictures, but rely on complex details to create abstract and artistic expression of the product itself. For example, a brand that makes handmade tea may use detailed patterns made of fruits and herbs to make tea of each taste.

5.Application of solid color
In addition to detailed drawings and illustrations, we will also see a large number of products packaged in monochrome in 2021.
This aesthetics may seem simple, but don’t be fooled. This trend and other trends have the same impact, this is a confident brand, very bold, but also avant-garde to complete a hard work.

Trend analysis of packaging design in 2021simg (6)

These designs have a low-key elegance and confidence, using bold and bright tones and mood induced shadows to guide the buyer’s eyes. There’s a subtle difference between showing buyers the inside of a product and telling them directly. By 2021, the competition in the field of e-commerce will undoubtedly continue to intensify, and the expectation of providing unique packaging for brands will also continue to increase. In a world where customers can quickly share a good experience on social media with just one click of a button, creating a compelling “brand moment” at the customer’s door is a reliable way to ensure that your brand is unforgettable for a long time after the packaging is thrown into the recycle bin.

Post time: Aug-02-2021