Folding Boxes

Short Description:

  • Materials: Art Paper, Kraft Paper, CCNB, C1S, C2S, Silver or Gold Paper, Fancy Paper etc...and as per customer request.
  • Dimension: All Custom Sizes & Shapes
  • Print: CMYK, PMS, Silk screen printing,No Printing
  • Surface feature: Glossy and matte lamination, hot stamping, flock printing, creasing, calendaring,foil-stamping, crushing, varnishing, embossing, etc.
  • Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation, etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
  • Shipping port: Qingdao/Shanghai
  • Product Detail


    In the past two years, the most popular gift box must be Folding gift box. It can be said that Folding gift box has become an Internet celebrity in the gift box industry.

    The most important thing is its unique design, one second folding, easy to use, fashion pioneer! Everyone thought it was very interesting and couldn't help looking more. The volume of 8 Folding gift boxes is equal to that of 1 ordinary gift box! For products with limited space and long-distance transportation, it is a perfect solution. High quality Folding gift box has strong pressure resistance and is not easy to damage! Folding gift box unfolded flat into a piece, so there is an image of the name called a piece Folding gift box, easy to pack, suitable for transportation, strong compression, not easy to damage, deformation! The folding gift box has a wide range of applications, especially for soft goods packaging and small pieces of high-quality packaging. Such as: baby products, shoes and clothing, soft toys, women's care products, home textiles, knitting products, mobile phones, small electronic products, red wine, tea, health care products, etc. The folding box is very convenient to use. When it is not in use, it is unfolded and placed flat. When it is folded, it becomes a fine gift box (with magnet).

    Folding Box (1)

    Custom Folding Box Paper Gift Box with Ribbon


    Custom Box Rigid Cardboard Magnetic Closure Foldable box

    Folding Box (2)

    Custom Luxury Foil Stamping Magnet Flap Paper Rigid Cardboard Box Flip Top Gift Box

    Advantages of folding box:

    1、protect the goods better.
    The folding packaging box adopts the reinforcement method in the production method, which is more conducive to fixing and protecting the goods.

    2、 various printing methods.
    There are many printing methods that can be adapted to the surface of folding packaging box, such as gravure printing, lithography printing, relief printing and so on, which bring great convenience to printing. Of course, the folding box can also be photographed plate or decorated with words and patterns, which is conducive to the beautiful shape of the folding box and can help promote the product.

    3、 Low cost.
    Folding box is generally made of tough cardboard, printed, die-cut indentation, and bonded. Compared with plastic, glass, metal and other materials, the cost of folding box is lower. Because of its low production cost and environmental protection, it is loved by the majority of enterprises and recognized by the majority of consumers in the packaging industry.

    4、 Easy to process.
    Folding box through row knife, cutting and rolling, folding, bonding and other methods, it is easy to process paperboard into various shapes of paper box. Convenient processing greatly improves the production efficiency, so it is highly sought after in the packaging industry.

    5、 Easy to transport and store.
    The biggest feature of folding box is its folding performance, which can reduce the occupied space during transportation. Because of its good quality and stable structure, it can prevent the damage of folding box caused by extrusion during transportation. Its folding also makes the storage very convenient, occupies a very small space, when the storage will be very convenient.

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    Does Xintianda charge a setup or design fees like some of the others do?

    No. We do not charge a setup or plate fees regardless of the size of your order. We also do not charge any design fees.

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    You can email your artwork directly to our sales support team or you can send it via our Request Quote page at the bottom. We will coordinate with our design team to conduct a free artwork evaluation and suggest any technical changes that may improve the quality of the final product.

    What steps are involved in the process of custom orders?

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    Can I get samples before the bulk order?

    Yes, custom samples are available upon request. You can request hard copy samples of your own product for a low sample fee. Alternatively, you can also request a free sample of our past projects.

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