Lid and Base Boxes

Short Description:

  • Materials: Art Paper, Kraft Paper, CCNB, C1S, C2S, Silver or Gold Paper, Fancy Paper etc...and as per customer request.
  • Dimension: All Custom Sizes & Shapes
  • Print: CMYK, PMS, Silk screen printing,No Printing
  • Surface feature: Glossy and matte lamination, hot stamping, flock printing, creasing, calendaring,foil-stamping, crushing, varnishing, embossing, etc.
  • Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation, etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
  • Shipping port: Qingdao/Shanghai
  • Product Detail


    According to the shape of lid and base box, it can be divided into square lid and base box, rectangular lid and base box, round lid and base box, Heart lid and base box and irregular lid and base box. All kinds of lid and base boxes are used in all walks of life, with a wide range of adaptability. For example, the round lid and base box is often used for tea packaging, and the heart-shaped lid and baser box is often used for packing flowers, chocolates, etc. to carry honey. Most of them are rectangular and square.

    Because the lid and baser box is simpler than the cover box, folding box, drawer box and so on, even the lid and base with edge is not complicated. The cover of lid and base box is usually an upper cover and a lower base. The upper cover completely or partially covers the lower base, which is very convenient to open. In the same size, the cost of making the lid and base box is often lower than that of other boxes.
    In fact, the advantage of box cover separation greatly improves the load-bearing performance of the packaging box and meets the basic needs of packaging and transportation.


    OEM Gift Packaging Box with Lid


    Custom Printed Luxury Paper Gift Box 


    Custom Luxury Handmade Gift box Jewelry Packing Box 

    Cosmetic-Packaging Boxes

    Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


    Top Quality Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Gift Box Paper Box


    Customized Packaging Paper Box, Paper Gift Box


    Customized Packaging Gifts Box With window


    Wholesale Costume Packing Box, Eco Friendly Made Paper Gift Box

    Why the lid and base box used so often?

    1 the gift box made of lid and base, beautiful and affordable, is the biggest advantage over other boxes type.
    Due to the simple structure and easy standardization, it is easy to form standardization in production. The biggest advantage of standardization is that we can use semi-automatic and full-automatic equipment to replace human. Today, with the increasing cost of labor, the efficiency and cost of mechanization can not be compared with that of labor cost, while folding box and other boxes can't be operated in this way.
    As for the appearance, it mainly lies in the design and technology. As long as we control the appearance of the design of the lid and base gift box well, the box shape has less influence on the appearance, and the lid and base gift box is cheap.

    2、 Lid and base box has a full range of overall visual impact from the way of opening, which is very suitable for gift giving.
    Lid and base box, from the way of opening, can give people a full range of visual impact, can deepen the consumer's cognition and expectations of the product, if our product design is very impact, then lid and base box is a very wise decision. What's more, the main sales channels of products are shelf display (including supermarkets, specialty stores, beauty salons, etc.) and consultant marketing to a large extent. Products on the shelf, lid and base box is very easy to open, which has great advantages in display, it is more convenient for marketing consultants to sell, can effectively improve the timeliness of sales, promote the purchase of consumers. so many high-end gift boxes use lid and base box packaging.

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    Does Xintianda charge a setup or design fees like some of the others do?

    No. We do not charge a setup or plate fees regardless of the size of your order. We also do not charge any design fees.

    How do I upload my artwork?

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    What steps are involved in the process of custom orders?

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    Can I get samples before the bulk order?

    Yes, custom samples are available upon request. You can request hard copy samples of your own product for a low sample fee. Alternatively, you can also request a free sample of our past projects.

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